Tecstiliau Meirionnydd Textiles

Advancing the Art and Craft of Textile Embellishment


Members came together for an extravaganza of techniques in this 2009 February meeting. The morning began with a small display of name badges brought in by Beryl Hadland, Jane Price, Jackie Cosslett and Joan Robson. Members then gave freely of their ideas of the techniques that they had used and just how their name badges had been put together.

extravaganza 1

Mary Durrant gave a demonstration of stitching a name using her computerised sewing machine and a few of the members had their names stitched onto some fabric that they had brought along to the meeting.

One of our honorary members, Angela Barker, who we had not seen for a long time popped in to have lunch with us. Angela is chatting to one of our founder members, Cynthia Lewis in the photo with two persons in it. extravaganza 2

After lunch the members were given a demonstration of dyeing in a jam jar using Dylon Dyes by Joan Robson. This method gives you an opportunity to dye very small amounts of fabrics and threads, it covered the mixing of colours and over-dyeing of colours giving a mouth watering out-come. At the end everyone was given a copy of Joan’s fail safe recipe.

extravaganza 3 

Members were then shown a small display of items from Moragh Bradshaw, Joan Robson and Pat Gibson that had Markal stick applied. Pat Gibson then showed members some of the many ways that can be applied when using this medium. Pat also touched on colouring fabric using water colour crayons, dye in a solid form, felt tip pens and ended by showing the technique of foiling Bondaweb. As you can see in the photos, Pat had broken her wrist and we thank Jackie Cosslett for being her assistant. Quite a few members then began to experiment with these wonderful ideas. This was the type of meeting where you could join in, or just simply watch or you could choose to do your own thing.

extravaganza 8   extravaganza 6  extravaganza 7