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April Meeting 2009

The April meeting was an outstanding success. Led by the ever efficient Joan Robson a select number of members were encouraged to explore the diverse qualities of paper through making, moulding, manipulating and colouring samples.

We all came away buzzing with ideas and plans for further experimentation and development. The backgrounds and embellishments produced were a welcome addition to our own particular and individual store of useful treasures which will enhance our embroidery and card making projects.

After lunch, the making of SILK PAPER was clearly explained by Jane Price. Joan Robson then talked members through the method of dyeing with TEA BAGS and then demonstrated colouring fabric with Potassium Permanganate. To follow on, Joan then demonstrated how to print with a lemon juice paste onto the Potassium Permanganate fabric. Members then enjoyed having a go to print on fabric Joan had already previously prepared.

coloured paper Potassium Permanganate printed with lemon paste

Coloured Paper

Potassium Permanganate printed with lemon paste


fabric dyed with Tea Bags IMG_3129

Fabric dyed with tea bags


For more photos please see our Flickr page here


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