Tecstiliau Meirionnydd Textiles

Advancing the Art and Craft of Textile Embellishment

July 2009 Workshop

The day got off to a very good start with around sixteen members arriving for the day. Some ladies had booked for a4.Our new member Mary with Val securing their shells tutored session with two of our members, Marion Wagstaff and Ros Bissell. ‘Gifts from the Sea’ was the title of the day and it would be spent creating a textured surface with hand stitches and applied treasure that had been collected from our local beaches.

This treasure was placed on and covered the top of one of the tables from the hall, there were different types of shells in all different colours from very small to large. Marion and Roz began by guiding us though how to apply the shells and then suggested some of the many hand stitches that could be worked alongside. There was a selection of stitch books available alongside some wonderful samples to take ideas from. For most of the day you could hear a pin drop as everyone was concentrating on producing their piece.

For the rest of the members who had arrived for the meeting, they had got together in another room and were Beading, working Hardanger, Canvas work, Knitting and playing with Friendly Plastic. Some members had brought in pieces of work showing texture and this was exhibited to give the members a talking point during the day.

2.Marian and Ros's cards 10.Textured pieces from Beryl

One of the founder members of our group had decided to join us for the day which was a lovely surprise. June had not been able to attend for a while as her husband was in ill health, it was lovely to see her and catch up with what she had been doing since we last saw her. Another founder member had sent in a huge amount of threads for us to sell, this money would then go into the group funds and as you can imagine we all were like bees around a honey pot and guess what, they all found a home. Thank you Eleri for your generosity.

The day proved to be another successful and enjoyable meeting. We all went home with our pockets full of shells and threads. Just a stitcher’s delight.