Tecstiliau Meirionnydd Textiles

Advancing the Art and Craft of Textile Embellishment

October 2009 Workshop

Seven members enjoyed a magical day creating a pair of fairy slippers with a return visit from Marion Wagstaff as our tutor. We were greeted with a lovely display of fairy slippers, felt and sheers in every colour, threads, beads and an excellent handout with step by step instructions in both writing and pictures.

 1. Marion's fairy slippers  5. Lesley's fairy slippers

Marion began by showing us her very unique way of producing the basic slipper shapes with the use of a fine tipped soldering iron. This method also fused the different layers of fabric together so we were all off to a very quick start. Silence was golden as we all concentrated and worked none stop. The embellishing of the slippers was the next step and Marion was at hand with lots of advice and ideas. Before assembling these small treasures the surface that would be the inside the slippers had to be painted with acrylic paint and allowed to dry. Marion then explained just how she stitched the  slippers together and by the time the class had come to an end most members had completed their pair. What an enchanting day.

7. The slippers we made on the day 6. Shirley's Fairy slippers

Other members attending the meeting had a most enjoyable day in the other room. There was a very colourful display of members 3D work , lots of chatting, Pat had brought her thread shop along and most members worked on their own projects. In all of our meetings our textile successes and failures are shared and most times any problems we have are solved.


August 2009 Workshop

Members came together for a rather different meeting in August. The meeting started with a goodie bag swap which would be followed by a mini challenge for those members who were interested. Nearly everyone came with a goodie bag that contained items from the following, fabric, threads, beads, buttons, ribbon, paper and anything that could prove to be useful. This goodie bag was then swapped with another member’s goodie bag. a goodie bag swapThe room was filled with great excitement and it felt just like Christmas. Each bag was such a wonderful surprise and members found that they now had a surprise colour scheme as well as items that they may not have worked with before.

Our mini challenge that was to follow was not compulsory and some members chose to work their swap on another occasion. The members that were taking on the mini challenge were asked to create a 4inch by 4inch piece of work using any technique in either hand or machine stitching.

Walking around the room at intervals during the rest of the day proved very interesting as everyone had a completely different approach to their own piece. Some pieces where manipulated, some collaged and some had used appliqué. There were couched threads, along with various hand stitches and applied beads. Each one was developing into a delightful MASTERPIECE.

These members could then take their masterpiece to the next step and use it on a final piece for our Christmas competition which is held in the December meeting. So you will need to watch this space to see what develops from this unusual meeting.