Tecstiliau Meirionnydd Textiles

Advancing the Art and Craft of Textile Embellishment

A Day working with Angelina Fibres / February 9th 2013.

This in-house workshop was led by Pat Gibson who is the Chairman of our group. Pat explained that Angelina was originally produced for the Electronic Industry and also now for the Textile Industry. It comes in HOT FIX, STANDARD and CRYSTALINA. Pat began the day by showing us some of the many ways she uses this medium. Simply placing the Angelina fibers between baking parchment and ironing with a wool setting, you then create a fine and delicate shimmer fabric. We were then shown how to trap various things like skeleton leaves, dried flowers, thread scraps of fabric and silk tops within the Angelina. This creation could then be applied to Bond-a-web, cut or punched out into shapes that could then be applied to a fabric background.  The Angelina fabric could also be simply cut up into strips and woven. Texture can be created by ironing the fibres onto a wooden stamp or by burning into the fabric with a soldering iron. Pat also demonstrated how to create a fabric using silk carrier rods and gummed cocoon stripping.  Pat had stamped a design onto this fabric and had also got samples where she had taken it through her printer to again add a design. These methods were then embellished with stitching to create texture. This was such an exciting day to start our year as we all left with lots of samples and many ideas of what we could get up.


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