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Transfer Printing with Pat Gibson / March 16th 2013.

Pat began by explaining the mediums you could use to transfer colour onto fabric, disperse dyes, transfer crayons and transfer paints. These mediums would need to be applied onto paper such as photocopy paper, tissue, kitchen roll, really have a go with any paper. The fabric needed when using these mediums would be a man made or a percentage man made to natural fibre. Pat demonstrated how to get textured backgrounds with the mediums and how salt creates a lovely effect when added to the wet surface. With the transfer crayons you could do rubbings for lovely effects. Using stamps to create designs and items such as leaves and feathers to create a resist. The resist items could be reused as the medium had been applied to them. When these papers were dry they could be torn or punched into shapes to be added to another painted background. You would also need to remember to reverse any words or letters if you were to use them. The rest of the morning was taken up with applying the mediums to paper and then during lunch our papers would have time to dry. At the beginning of the afternoon Pat showed us how to transfer these mediums onto fabric. A dry iron was needed at the hottest setting. Your transfer paper and fabric needed to be sandwiched between two pieces of baking parchment. This protects both the iron and the ironing surface. Net, leaves, strips and paper shapes from another piece of transfer paper can be added in the mix as a resist. You would not believe how wonderful it was to watch Pat iron. After Pat had demonstrated some of the many ways she used her transfer papers we were let lose again to have a go. At the end of the afternoon all of the excess mediums were applied to more paper so none of the medium was wasted. What a super day overflowing again with wonderful ideas when using these mediums.

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