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Layer Cake with Jeanette McCulloch / June 15th 2013.

This was Jeanette’s second visit to our group. Just by simply taking a glance around the things that Jeanette had brought with her, we knew the day was going to be VERY COLOURFUL.

Jeanette explained and demonstrated each process step by step. Firstly, we were shown how to colour an artist canvas with acrylic paint. Jeanette then demonstrated a number of ways to colour tissue paper using acrylic paint and inks. Stamps were now added to the mix and this was a good means of applying an image. The use of masks and stencils were considered and this allowed us to change part or all of a surface. Other papers could be added to the mix such as wrapping paper, wallpaper, parcel tags, serviettes, doilies, photocopies, really anything could be given a go. Next came the fun part as the prepared papers now need to be either torn or cut. The papers then had to be arranged on the dry prepared canvas, some needed overlapping and some not. This is where the title “layer cake” comes from. Then all that was left to do was to secure the paper pieces with diluted PVA glue.
This was quite a lot of techniques to take onboard but it was to be the beginning of a very colourful experience. Everyone made a start and each table was full of paint, palettes and brushes. In no time at all, the hall floor was almost covered in wonderful painted papers. Later on in the morning Jeanette demonstrated something new, a Gelli Plate. This would give another way of colouring paper and was a way of mono printing. Those that used the Gelli plate took to it quite quickly and it gave some mouth watering results. Again even more papers to be placed on the hall floor to dry. Jeanette spent the afternoon giving advice on the composition of each canvas and just before the end we were treated to a lovely display of the work that had been done. Yet another day without any needles and threads to be seen.
Those members who had joined the day to do their own thing worked on smocking, knitting, hand embroidery and making a teddy bear. This was just the sort of day we all needed, simply the medicine to cheer us up after the dull wet days we were experiencing.


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