Tecstiliau Meirionnydd Textiles

Advancing the Art and Craft of Textile Embellishment

Manipulating fabric with Ann Edwards January 18th 2014.

There is something very special about a New Year and the group got off to a wonderful start under the guidance of Ann Edwards. Our ladies spent the day using tucks, folds and pleats to create both cornets and coronets. These techniques created delightful texture when working with fabric. Ann had a delightful display of work at one end of the hall to give inspiration on how these techniques could be used. There were boxes, cushions, bags and quilts. All of which had been beautifully finished with Ann’s clever use of colour, fabric and stitch. At the end of the day members had produced a stash of samples, a lovely Christmas tree hanging and lots of inspiration of things they could make. The handful of members who didn’t participate worked on their own with such things as hand embroidery and finishing off their Pipkin from the December meeting.


Pipkins with Pat Gibson – December 14th 2013.

What a lovely ending to our year with Pat showing us how to make a Pipkin. As usual Pat had crossed all the t’s and dotted all of the i’s with delicious samples, an excellent demonstration along with patterns and a written recipe. You may be asking just what is a Pipkin? Well, it is a delightful small container that can be used to hold anything from a thimble to threads, a small gift, a chocolate, jewellery or may be your small change. When completed you simply hold the top and the bottom of the Pipkin, simply squeeze to open to expose whatever treasure has been placed inside. During the meeting we were also treated to a lovely exhibition of items that had been completed during 2013. The meeting today was just what everyone needed as it gave us all a break from the stress and preparation of Christmas.

A talk, lunch and AGM on November 16th 2013.

As the main room was being used for a Village Craft Fair we were to hold our meeting in the small room at the rear of the village hall. The morning began with a very detailed talk with slides and samples by Ann Thomas who arranges our wonderful weekends at Plas Tan y Bwlch each year.

It was as though we were on a magical carpet ride as we experienced the people, the land, the wildlife, the fauna, the houses they lived in and so much more. We saw how they fished, how both the children and adults harvested the down from the Aida ducks that are wild but return to the same breeding spot each year. Then onto the land which was so breathtaking and contained some of the most beautiful wild plants and flowers that Ann had drawn.

This was followed with a annual shared lunch where each year member brings along a yummy dish and what a spread feasted our eyes.  Time also allowed us to have a wonder around the Village Craft Fair. Our afternoon began and ended with our AGM which went very smoothly. Our programme told us that this would be a very interesting day and yes it was just that.