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A PORTFOLIO OF STITCHED TECHNIQUES with Alison Holt March 15th 2014

We all began with our sewing machines threaded up, a correct material sandwich in an embroidery hoop and our feed dogs down. All of us were now ready to set off on a journey to create the elements needed for a woodland scene.

During this session we would only be using the straight and zigzag stitches on our sewing machines. Alison demonstrated different types of trees, foliage, ferns, bluebells, foxgloves, daffodils and snowdrops. It looked so easy and within minutes members sewing machines were purring away. We were all provided with clear, simple and helpful instruction that were both visual and written.

At the end of the day everyone had the knowledge of just how to create a woodland scene the Alison way. A few members not taking part in the machine embroidery worked on something of their own, things such as beading, hand embroidery

and experimenting with paper.

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