Tecstiliau Meirionnydd Textiles

Advancing the Art and Craft of Textile Embellishment

2016 Programme

Ionawr / January 16:- Take one embroidery stitch (of your choice)

Chwefror / February 20:- Design a 2D flower with BOBBY BRITNELL

Mawrth / March 19:- Design a 3D flower with  LINDA PARIS

Ebrill / April 16:- Make homemade cord into vessels or adornments, in house led

Mai / May 21:- Black work led by VAL and MORAGH

Mehefin / June 18:- Zen tangling on paper and fabric led by RHIANNON

Gorffennaf / July 16/17:- working with organza and plastic with KATHLEEN LAUREL SAGE

Awst / August 20:- Catch up and sales stall

Medi / September 17/18:- 3D wire work with PRISCILLA JONES

Hydref / October 15:- Make silk paper with PAT

Tachwedd / November 19:- AGM and making Dottee Angels in house led

Rhagfyr / December 10:- Beading on 2D work led by MAGGIE