Tecstiliau Meirionnydd Textiles

Advancing the Art and Craft of Textile Embellishment

Workshop 18th April

In the morning we will be looking at paper making and you will be able to have a go at a small sample. Again, can I stress that the activities for today are not compulsory and the choice of what you do during this workshop is entirely up to you. You will also be shown some simple paper molding of which you can have a go. We will then consider the different ways we can manipulate paper and experience some of the simple methods of colouring paper. At the beginning of the afternoon we will take a look at fabric paper as this has become very popular with a lblue waveot of textile artists at this moment in time. There will be samples of this and how you make it. You can then experience a demonstration of dyeing fabric with tea and using potassium permanganate printed with lemon juice. Both recipes will be available. Also, fabric that has already been in the potassium permanganate will be available for you to print with lemon juice to experience this type of printing for yourself. If time allows we could revisit the making of paper beads.

Requirements for the day. Some paper about A4 in size of various types e.g. photocopy, greaseproof, tracing, brown paper, textured, sugar, shiny and any recycled paper for colouring. Some paper will be available. Some water soluble paper if you have any. Bring a couple of your favourite printing stamps to use for the paper molding and the lemon juice printing process. Hopefully members will share but the stamp used for the molding process must be your own.