Tecstiliau Meirionnydd Textiles

Advancing the Art and Craft of Textile Embellishment

Workshop 21st February

Class projects....These activities are not compulsory but in this meeting you could begin to make a name badge using a stitch technique of your choice. So, can all members attending please bring in the badge/badges they already have to give ideas for different stitch technique that could be used, also share the many ways the badges can be made up, what adhesive to use and what fastenings can be applied. We will hopefully have a large display of member’s badges and this will allow us to discuss the steps you will need to take to make your badge. After lunch we will have a demo of dyeing fabric in a jam jar, as maybe some of you would like to use hand dyed fabric for Pat’s gift wraps. Instructions of how will be available for you to take away. We will also touch on adding rubbings using the Markal sticks we have in the cupboard and dyed fabric will be available for you to have a go and see just how simple it is to do. If you have any samples of Markal applied to fabric and how you have taken it further can you please bring them along and share your ideas with everyone.


Requirements for the day. For the name badge, fabric and threads for your chosen technique along with sewing equipment relevant to your technique. Can I suggest that the making up of your badge be done at home and this will allow you to use the right adhesive and purchase a means of fastening that is appropriate to what you have made. But if you can finish the badge during the day then that is fine. Bring some newspaper if you are having a go at the Markal sticks, some extra pieces of fabric as this can get quite addictive and only a limited amount of fabric will be available on the day.