Tecstiliau Meirionnydd Textiles

Advancing the Art and Craft of Textile Embellishment

Workshop 20th June

During the day you will be shown some exciting ways of colouring fabric with the use of transfer inks and crayons. Would you also like to have a go at creating an embellishment with a glue gun? We will also take a look into couching by hand. Our last taster will be the technique of slashing and this will be explained for you to be Couchingable to have a go. If any member has any samples of any of these techniques then can they please bring them to the meeting as it will make the experience of the day so much more exciting and it is good to share ideas.

Requirements for the day.

Photocopy paper, paint brush, glue stick and poly-cotton for colouring fabric techniques. Glue gun if you have one and some baking parchment. A heat gun and embossing powder, if you have them. Embroidery threads, needles and scissors for hand couching. A good variety of fabrics, as we need a lot of layers, sewing machine, machine threads and the usual sewing equipment for the slashing experiment.